.INFO and .BIZ
At the end of 2001, the new Internet suffixes .INFO and .BIZ were launched. 

Anybody can register a domain name under .INFO and/or .BIZ: both individuals and companies can register an unlimited number of domain names. This is one of the main reasons of the success and popularity of these Top Level Domains 

.name FAQ

Who can register a .name domain?

.name is for individuals so any person can register a .name domain

Can I register only my lastname.name?

In order to allow the maximum number of people to register their .name domain, you can only register firstname.lastname.name - not just lastname.name. For example, if your name is David Black you can register david.black.name, d.black.name or even black.david.name. There are many possibilities - as long as you have two dots in the domain

Can I get a firstname@lastname.name email address?

Yes you can! An email forwarding service will be available to give you a convenient and easy to remember an email address. The service will simply forward all your email from your firstname@lastname.name address to the email address of your choice. Email forwarding is an additional service to your domain name so not included in the domain name registration cost

When can I buy my .name domain name?

Until now applications are accepting which are processed weekly. The live registration service is expected in mid-June 2002

How do I register?

You can register through our web site http://www.yourname.it
Verify if your domain name is free and in positive case fill in the form on line

Why should I register my .name domain ?

Your .name domain will become your digital identity. A .name will make it easy for everyone to remember your email and web address. It is all you need to create your presence in the new digital world.
You can use your .name domain for a personal website, and have a http://www.firstname.lastname.name web address. You can create your own personal website to communicate with friends or collegues across the world. Your imagination is only limit.
E-mail address
And you can stay in touch with your friends, family and colleagues with your firstname@lastname.name

What is a domain name?

Domain names were originally established to make computer addresses easier to remember. On the Internet each computer has its own numeric address, a system very similar to phone numbers. However, remembering the numeric address is, for most people, far more difficult than remembering http://www.tuonome.com

How much does a .name domain cost?

The annual registration fee is of 15 euro+VAT* and it includes:

    - DNS Configuration
    - Pointing towards your static IP-number
    - Redirect FREE (URL-and e-mail forwarding)
    - Courtesy Page (create your own personalised web pages)
    - Web Mail (on all our mail server services and additional e-mail)
* VAT 20% for italian citizens and companies
Can I buy domain name.name+e-mail forwarding together?

Yes you can buy our "dual.name" service wich includes the registration of your firstname.lastname.name domain+e-mail firstname@lastname.name.
The annual cost is of euro 30+VAT*

* VAT 20% for italian citizens and companies

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